Tale of Angel Fitrous and Imam Hussain


Allah and His Angels send blessings on the Prophet: O you who believe! Send your blessings on him and salute him with all respect... 

Tale of Angel Fitrous and Imam Hussain

It has been narrated by Imam Jafar (as) that a multitude of Angels led by their Chief, Angel Fitrous, circumambulate the shrine of Imam Hussain (Prophet's beloved grandson) while sending him salutations.  Angel Fitrous was once banished by Allah but nobody really knows why. Some say that he had gotten arrogant due to his beautiful wings and status among the angels. Others say that he had delayed an order that Allah had asked him to execute. Angel Fitrous managed to receive the mercy of Allah (the Most Merciful), on the blessed day when Prophet Muhammad’s (as) grandchild, Hussain (as) was born. Here is this beautiful story….

It was a glorious day and a beautiful delight,
A grandson was born to the Prophet of Might,
Angel Gabriel along with thousands of others,
Descended from the heavens to see such a sight!

On their way this rank of beautiful angels,
Heard a silent sob and a soft cry,
Angel Gabriel asked the other angels,
Can you tell me where are we passing by?
They pointed at an island- a banished creature within!
Who was weeping bitterly, morning therein!
They went to that island and asked the crying being,
What is that brought you here? And what are we seeing?
That beautiful creature, with a painful voice,
Raised his head saying, “it was my Lord’s choice!”
“My name is Angel Fitrous; I was Chief of many others!
I had beautiful wings! Over skies they fluttered!
“Who is similar to me? I would sing and swing!
"In regal pride, I would flap my wings”
But one day I was badly shook!
Allah gave me an order that I terribly mistook!
I was punished and my wings got burnt!
I was banished and my rank totally shunned!”

“Fear not O friend!” said Gabriel,
“We have a great news! Happy you’ll feel!
The Last Messenger of Allah has been blessed with a grandson!!
We are going to the earthly sod, to greet the dear one!”
“Can I join you?” asked Fitrous
“Ofcourse!” replied them all!
So they all descended to Muhammad’s (as) home,
Rank over rank, call by call!

When all had greeted, Muhammad (as) said,
“Who is that angel, so lonely and depressed?”
Gabriel told him the entire story!
Muhammad (as) said “O Fitrous, have no worries!”
“My grandson’s spirit is so pure and holy!
Allah has named him HUSSAIN!
Meaning the “Essence of Beauty”
He is ‘Shaafi-Al-Ummat’,’ Jawaan-e-Jannat’
Just rub thy shoulders against his body
And Allah will forgive all thy iniquity!”

Fitrous thus rubbed his arms against the baby,
And lo! The next moment awestruck was everybody!
Fitrous grew back beautiful wings!
More beautiful and more majestic!
He fluttered them in joy! With tears in his eyes,
“My God has forgiven me!
I can go back to the skies!
I can once again fly!
Thank you my Lord Hussain! The love of my heart!
How blessed is your stature! Nothing can set us apart!”
“Who is similar to me? I have been freed by Hussain!”
“Who is similar to me?”… Fitrous sang and sang.

Rejoicing Fitrous rejoined his lost rank,
He lived in heavens happily,
Until several years later, his heart sank…
He heard the heavens weep, and the skies turned red
“O Gabriel! What is it” with bitter pain he said
“Fitrous!” Gabriel wept “Just go to Karbala!”
“All angels have descended there, just go to Karbala”
Fitrous thus flew to this strange land!
But what he saw next, numbed his hands…

The same Hussain, he had once seen in Muhammad’s hands,
Today laid in blood on the burning Karbala’s sand!
The brave warrior Hussain was fighting against thousands!!
He was under fierce attack from all the ends!
When the Asr prayers were called, Husain fell to the ground,
With what grace did the warrior prostate to Lord! On sand his crown!
His lips parched with thirst!
His heart shattered in pain, but what grace!
He had lost his everything! Yet to God was his praise!
It was then Fitrous saw something; his heart began to sink!
In cold blood, Hussain’s body was trampled in bits!
The same body which had given him his wings!

Fitrous took a deep breath and whispered “Ya Hussain!”
My Salam to the Essence of Beauty! Ya Hussain!
My Salam to the Legend of Bravery! Ya Hussain!
My Salam to the Truth against Tyranny! Ya Hussain!
My Salam to the King of Mercy! Ya Hussain!
My Salam to the Love of Muhammad! Ya Hussain!
My Salam to the baby of Fatima and Ali! Ya Hussain!
I shall circumambulate your blessed grave till the end of times!
I shall cry on this tragedy till the sun ceases to shine!
I will not let your blood and message fade in time,
I will fly in the skies, right over your shrine,
I shall send you salutations with all my heart!
I repeat my Lord Hussain, nothing can set us apart!
Who is similar to you? You are a Tale of Courage! Ya Hussain!
Who is similar to me? I am your Azadaar! Ya Hussain!

And till this date it is said that Angel Fitrous and his group of thousands of angels circumambulate the blessed grave of Imam Hussain, sending him salutations, and they will continue to do so till the end of times…

Batool Arhamna Haider

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