Tale of Angel Fitrous and Imam Hussain

It has been narrated by Imam Jafar (as) that a multitude of Angels led by their Chief, Angel Fitrous, circumambulate the shrine of Imam Hussain (Prophet's beloved grandson) while sending him salutations.  Angel Fitrous was once banished by Allah but nobody really knows why. Some say that he had gotten arrogant due to his beautiful wings and status among the angels. Others say that he had delayed an order that Allah had asked him to execute. Angel Fitrous managed to receive the mercy of Allah (the Most Merciful), on the blessed day when Prophet Muhammad’s (as) grandchild, Hussain (as) was born. Here is this beautiful story….

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Chemical Engineering as a Career!


Chemical Engineering
Last May, chemical engineering seniors at a large university took their last final examination, attended their graduation ceremonies, flipped their tassels and threw their mortarboards in the air, enjoyed their farewell parties, said goodbye to one another and promised faithfully to stay in touch, and headed off in an impressive variety of geographical and career directions.
You all must be probably thinking about following in the footsteps of those graduates – spending the next few years learning to be a chemical
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Obesity, the evolving epidemic


By Quratulain Syedain, MD (Internist, New York)

Obesity refers to an excess of body fat. Obesity is defined in terms of body mass index (BMI) measured as weight in k.g. divided by height in meter square. For example a person weighs 61 k.g.(135 lbs) with height 5'8" which is 1.7 meter, so BMI is 61 / 1.7x1.7(2.89)  = 21 k.g/m2. BMI between 18.5-24.9 is healthy weight. Below 18.5 is underweight ,25-29.9 is over-weight and over 30 is obesity. Over 40 is morbid obesity.
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Stigma with Mental health Disorders


By Quratulain Zehra Syedain, MD (Internist, New York)

Like body, mind can also be afflicted with illness and impairment. Brain is the  most vital  and complex organ of the body and can get diseased like any other organ. While physical illnesses and  impairments drive sympathy, mental illnesses and impairments become a cause of being a laughing stock! "Cuckoo", "crazy" and "nuts" are some of the common terms used by lay persons and physicians alike. Conversation about psychiatric patients appears hilarious
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